spice lounge restaurant & bar


Spice Lounge can handle your events, party, reunion, birthday or any special get-to-together with friends, family or co-workers.


Phone: (03) 6334 8551

Email: info@spicelounge.net.au


Lunch : Sunday (12:00 pm - 2:30 pm)
Dinner: Seven Days open (5:00 pm to Late Night)


24 Seaport Boulevard Launceston, Tasmania 7250

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Spice Lounge is a Modern Indian Punjabi cuisine. Punjabi cuisine is associated with food from the Punjabi region of India. The cuisine has a rich tradition of many distinct local ways of cooking, out of which tandoori cooking is a special and traditional style of Punjab. special form of tandoori cooking style. Tandoori food is a punjabi speciality, especially with non--vegetarian dishes.Punjabi cuisine is known for its rich, buttery flavours and extensive vegetarian and meat dishes. Spice lounge is adding a modern touch to the punjabi cuisine.

Spice Lounge is innovative Modern IndianPunjabi cuisine and adding more to the taste, texture and presentation. The cooking method remains the same, but the presentation and flavours are global. This cuisine has strong flavours and needs to be paired with complementary spices. The challenge is that with traditional Punjabi cuisine our chef is open to experiencing modern Indian flavours.


Driving force of Spice Lounge is it's chef and co-owners. Both the co-owners have studied and worked in Australia and now with their best of experince they want to serve with their own vision to the guest.

Kamaldeep Singh is co-owner and chef of the restaurant and his vision is to serve the highest quality food in order to challenge the palates of the guests.

Manish Verma who is a co-owner and manager of the restaurant and his core belief is to improve the dining experience of each guest.

spice lounge restaurant & bar